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We reluctantly began flagging ads some years ago after our ads were constantly flagged again, and again by our competition. I used to tell my staff, let them flag us, because when we repost, we go right back to the top. This meant we can top post all day from one account without getting the attention of Craigslist for top posting. It says right in the email, “if your ad was flagged for no reason, feel free to repost it.” This was a big part of our online success. “Top Posting”, karma-free way to be number one every 5 minutes. We made a game of it. We made hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. Life was good.

However, over the years, more and more spammers and more and more flaggers, now less and less customers as a result have changed the digital landscape of Craigslist for good. Phone verified accounts, (PVA’s) and proxy’s have become a part of any serious Craigslist business. Unfortunately, so has flagging. I used to believe strongly that I shouldn’t have to expend negative energy to do business. But as the flagging persists, death threats, hate-mail, and constant personal attacks posting my name and phone number in Craigslist without them bothering to stop the chaos despite emails and threat of lawsuit. I had to make a stand. So, we learned exactly how craigslist works, and we flagged away. But after flagging 700 ads, 70 times each every week, you can imagine that your finger gets tired. Not only that, our method of choice would attract attention sitting in some neighborhood in our company vehicle with a laptop flagging endlessly, clear the cookies, refresh all the tabs, four times, switch access points, check the IP, do it all again and again. I was single handedly clearing out entire sections! flagged for removalAll of my competition would gang up on me with one spam-king psychopath ring leading them, so I removed them all. Every last one of them in the entire section again and again.

Craigslist fought back by raising the threshold, I would just find an extra 20 access points and rip them all down anyway. During this time I learned all the secrets CL doesn’t talk about (with good reason). I saw the patterns their database exhibited as I deleted such a massive amount of ads and destroyed so many accounts, new,  used and old. I knew the posting patterns of each competitor, and I found out just how easy or difficult it was to destroy their accounts by accessing limitless access points all hours of the day and night until I was victorious. I learned what was the quickest way to destroy ads, and also how to destroy my competitors accounts. After I was done with them, they couldn’t compete.

When I’m flagging, I’m flagging a whole account, not just today’s ads. It’s a whole different game. It was this experience that taught me how to fight back and keep my account “bulletproof”. Some of those fellows had always followed the TOU, and their age old accounts were tough as nails. Others would get a brand new account, and I could rip it down within an hour. If they are clueless, they don’t get how craigslist actually works, they tend to believe the whole world is out to get them. After all, their ad comes down in 5 minutes. (sound familiar??)

craigslist flagging problemsGame on:

Question number one you should be asking yourself, why has no one ever mentioned this online?Answer: because it’s a secret! Craigslist is an automated database with automated secret settings. If you know some of these secrets (now you do), you can advance past your competition. So, no one wants to tell you anything. That’s capitalism and human nature for you. Our nature is a little different. We hack, pick locks, reverse engineer. We don’t “steal” anything. We firmly believe its better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

There are many Craigslists, over 700, on the internet, each city has its own calibration depending upon the number of users, the number of flags is adjusted proportionately, automatically. Depending upon the competitiveness of the section, (number of users flagging each other) the threshold adjusts. They personally get involved when the crybabies who started it all send in emails. Then CL admins will watch, ghost, manipulate accounts and thresholds and manually override the automatic settings to confuse, deter, frustrate and infuriate you deliberately. They don’t email many responses, but they watch and read everything that comes their way. Every single account has its own massive hidden checklist of behaviors stored in its own section of their database. It keeps a record of how you post, and flag in every respect, how you log on, and whether or not you are engaging in commercial activities. As you violate their TOU, and their secret rules, your record gets bad marks. You need to learn all of the hidden rules and secrets or your own behavior will damage your ability to post successfully.

Every single account has its own custom settings hidden from you based on your behavior. So this is why reading one piece of a forum somewhere will not give you an edge. His account is different than yours. His Craigslist experience is entirely different than yours. In out tutorials you can learn something else very useful in addition how to flag. How to make your own craigslist ads stick. You cannot change Craigslist. Don’t act like a Neanderthal. You must learn their secrets, and change your behavior, and adapt as they change. Or your business will die out.

Anyone who has put up an ad to sell something on Craigslist knows how quickly it can be flagged and removed. You can put up an ad for an electric bread maker under “general for sale” and have it flagged and removed. One can put up an ad to sell one’s art work and find out that the art’s community on Craigslist does not believe what you are selling is art. It gets flagged and removed with no explanation! The Craigslist site says to “flag with care”. With some experience being flagged and removed often enough for no reason it may even seem that some advertisements are flagged and removed only by their online competitors. They do flag with care. They flag their competition only. If you have friends who want to censor Craigslist with you, have a flagging party. There are people actually doing this on many Craigslist sites. These people have decided to sit at their computers for hours upon hours, day after day, week after week, monitoring certain Craigslist topic areas acting as moderators and censors. If there are 25 people in any CL region that decide something will not be shown, it is removed with no explanation or justification!

craigslist ghosting


To make matters worse, Craigslist is in on the scam, they overlook certain spammers for kickbacks, and allow honest business folk to get trampled and flagged. Over 5 years of experience and research has gone into our project. One of our team actually worked for Craigslist. I have personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars from Craigslist businesses. We have bought, and tested every piece of craigslist software there is.

If a flagger other than ours did work, Craigslist responded in one of two ways. They quietly approached the owner of the software, bought it, broke it, and kept selling it and not giving refunds, or they examined the software, and adapted their filters. There were companies (people from India), that manually flag the ads you submit by using dial up modem to free ISP’s in that city you specify, then when the “demo” is over, you pay, and it no longer works at all. The only way to actually flag an ad, is to open your browser, open the ads one by one, and flag it if you are located in the same city. Craigslist bots sense nearly every proxy. They buy all of the proxy lists you can buy, and filter those IP’s out to ignore requests from them and even ban your account if you post from them. If that’s not bad enough, they will raise and lower the flagging threshold from the default number of flags. I have seen 3 flags bring a post down. I have had to use 60+ different IP’s/access points to bring some down in the same section a week later. In Nevada computer services section, the flagging is disabled entirely.

Not the all in one simple proxy free solution you were hoping to hear? If it sounds to good to be true, they are lying to you. This is reality, the facts of the matter, the hidden truth. Now you know, and we can move on to the business of how the heck do we get access to between 3 and 60 access points / proxy’s / IP’s? There are a number of ways. The most darn cool way is to use ex military equipment to amplify faint wifi signals from your apartment office situated high above the city with an external usb network adapter housed in a home made parabolic apparatus with remote trim and pan functions. You just inch your modified star choice satellite dish across the city scapes aiming at apartment blocks and neighborhoods miles away and jump into every unlocked network you find and have our auto flagger on your spare computer with all of yourflagging craigslist targets opened up in tabs taking an auto-beating.

Question: Do you make a thousand plus dollars a day from Craigslist? Small price to pay isn’t it.. We have enough software and information in our tutorials to give you a very large degree of  control over the section of Craigslist where you make over a thousand dollars per day. priceless! You can also use a parallel port relay board 35$ and the cool timer software that comes with it to pan and tilt your system all day long automatically once you have all the access points programmed in the first pass, it will just jump on and off the networks automatically changing your entire ip while the software flags your competitors forever, ejecting the cookies reloading at proper intervals and ravaging day and night. If you’re going to build a robot, it might as well do something useful for you. There are more complete details to this system, and other completely different methods of fooling the craigslist database in our tutorials. Money never sleeps, neither does CL. Neither does our auto flagger. This is a war of information. And we have just given you a lot of it.

We can’t change Craigslist, except make it adapt to our behavior and get tougher to post and flag, while our competitors mercilessly erode our efforts with their help. Our software addresses the technical issues of flagging. But there is a method to be effective with it. In fact, there are a number of things you need to know, methods tips tricks hacks. There is mostly old information in circulation that Craigslist has since adapted to. Our site and members section is full of brand new info. Gone are the days were you can reset your cable modem and get a new IP address that will work on CL. But some things stay the same. **Secret: You can flag more than once from each IP.

But you need to clear those 2 cookies they put on your machine, and reload your page to get 2 fresh ones. It has been observed that you can get as many as 4 flags per IP with this method. The old spam button script only ever worked in some CL sites in major cities, and although you saved a few steps opening and closing the ad, you still needed to click each one, wait for it to finish, click the next, and clear your cookies and reload. Then find another IP, coffee shop etc. Very tedious, and time consuming. If your using a desktop application, it reports to CL that its outside of the browser and all of its requests are ignored. Also, there is no proper referrer if your activating the flagging link from out of nowhere. So, if CL bought all the proxy software, and IP’s, how in the world can you do this with software at all? If the website applications to flag an ad have all been shut down, and the desktop applications are ignored or broken, how do we resolve this?

craigslist stalkerOur software modifies your browser. When you search your target keyword, all the ads come up. A button on the left omits the ads not to be touched (your ads, and friendly competitors) Click the flag button next to that, and the software opens the window, clicks the ad, closes the window, ejects the used cookies, and requests two new ones. This all happens in about one second! Your browser barely has time to flicker. Its reloaded and ready for another strike.

But there are still 70 other ads you might want to perform this on. The panel of buttons on the left under the search have 4 functions. “Flag all” goes down the list and flags each ad that is not hidden. Then the cookies are ejected, and replaced with new ones. One click, 100 ads, in 110 seconds. “Flag 4 X” goes down the list, flags each, ejects the cookies, reloads the page and does it again 4 times. “Flag Forever” performs this sequence continuously. We use this option to scan for new ads and flag them as they come up. The reload button stops any of the automated functions in their tracks, ejects the used cookies and reloads the page, which replaces the cookies fresh.

You get to choose which flagging function you would like with CraigsFlagger Pro. You can mark the ad as spam, or flag (auto visit) your ads with to defend your own posts with the Reinforce option.The links beside the search button are your personalized quick links for relevant guides, or information. You can open the software up in multiple tabs, and you can be flagging all your competitors from 3 different tabs with three different flags, while you are flagging all of your ads as best of Craigslist in the fourth tab. This is like having a master dashboard as a CL admin. And why wouldn’t it be, an ex-CL admin designed it. The best part of this software, is that you can put it on as many tabs as you like. Now you can have your browser flagging a thousand ads automatically over and over again in 10 different tabs if you like.

Actually, the best part of our software is that it all works. Now you’re in charge of your CL experience!


Many flagging programs claim to either have them, or acquire them (scrape). Some even claim to not need them. This is all false! Craigslist is the front-end of a massive database. This database is extremely complex, and has a certain degree of sentience. (it learns) If you want to flag an ad, you must satisfy all of the requirements of this database. It checks to see if your browser has the unused proper cookies for the ad your trying to flag. It also checks to see how many times your ip has flagged that particular ad. It checks to see where your referrer is coming from, the actual ad page, or a desktop application outside of your browser. It checks to see if your ip is on the banned ip list. (CL has all their own scrapers and proxy crawlers, and they never sleep) It checks to see if your ip is local. If your in Timbuktu, and there are no proxy servers for sale because its a small town and it doesn’t have much of a market for such an elaborate setup there, your out of luck. Or are you? We explain to you how to make your own proxy servers, protect them and make use of them.

Did you ever want to pop open your neighbors locked wifi, and borrow their ip for 10 minutes so you can get another 4 flags? We show you how that’s done on your iphone in 15 seconds! Have you ever heard of wardriving? Our tried and true methods take the driving out of wardriving and puts the war at your fingertips. You can scan and amplify wifi signals for miles, and pop them open with your iphone without even leaving your home in some cases.

So, proxy’s, yes you must know what they are, how to get them, how to make us of them and how to take full advantage of what’s already all around you. Any other claim is false. We will show you in a very simple tutorial all of the useful methods to defeat the Geolocation protection of Craigslist once and for all, for posting, and flagging purposes.

Rumors and wives tales

  • Craigslist is a not for profit organization. That used to be the case, but they are officially a business paying some taxes as such. Ebay is a massive shareholder as well.
  • Craigslist has only 50 employees. Wrong. They have a live admin guarding each section. These are volunteers, so not officially “employees“. In special cases, (like the trouble your about to start) these admins even check the posts by eye, one by one as they go out.
  • Craigslist is not intended for “commercial” activity (except their own of course), so they pit us all against each other intentionally, softblock our accounts and let our competitors rip our ads down out of spite while they dodge the blame and play innocent. Well, the whole thing is based on commerce. They are the anti-trust hypocrites in the center of it all taking kickbacks and exploiting and commercializing neighborhoods and cities they have never even been to personally.

I have been through many flagging wars. I didn’t start them all, but I did finish them. When you clear out an entire section, all the whiners that started it cry to Craigslist in their emails. They threaten them, cry to them, lie to them, beg craigslist crimethem. “I never flagged any one..” goes the standard lie. “…I’m just an honest businessman” sure, with 5 phone numbers and ten ads peppered all over CL getting his unemployed meth head neighbor to sit there and flag you and top post while he steals all of your business.

Who are these people running Craigslist? They set the people at war with each other, they come from across borders and put a piece of cheese in my community and have everyone fight over it. Take your piece. It’s in your community. It belongs to you, not to them. That’s what this project is about.

Is this software illegal? No, it’s not. We have been doing this project since 2012! Its now 2021 and they haven’t kicked the door in by now 😉 It does feel pretty good when you start to rip the spam down you just might think it was. Can they trace it? No they cannot, it is disguised as your browser and operates within their own page, which is why this is the only craigslist flagging software that actually works. Craigslist detects and deflects all the other Craigslist auto flagging software because the referrer for their flagger is not sending the flag from within their own website.