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craigslist flagging softwareWIth our Craigslist flagging software, we put real control behind your fingertips. Tired of being a victim? Join our members section today and take the weekend to study it. You will walk away with a whole new perspective of the global online marketplace your trying to tap. Our Craigslist flagging software and Ghostbusters members tutorials are regularly updated and current as of 2021.

The reason no one other than us with the necessary programming experience has released working software of this type, is because it’s being used privately! Programmers don’t want to share their power over Craigslist for a just a few short term dollars. We have been the only Craigslist flagging software provider consistently in business since 2011. All of the other Craigslist flagging software has since disappeared because it was fake.

Craigslist Flagging Software Features

Our Craigslist Flagging Software has been around since 2011, but is updated regularly. We use the browser technology to interact with the Craigslist page directly and we add our controls and features right into the Craigslist website. If you are tired of getting kicked off of Craigslist by the Craigslist Flaggers or getting flooded by spammers, check out the feature list of our Craigslist Flagging Software:

  • Craigslist Flagging Software allows you to omit ads not to be flagged, and flag the rest of the ads once, four times, or endlessly
  • Craigslist Anti Flagging Software allows you to reinforce your own ads. Omit all the ads that are not your own, and visit all of your own ads once, four times, or endlessly.
  • Timer Control to adjust the time between the flags or the visits. Also is a timer to allow for errors and leave that add after this limit has been reached and move on to the next.
  • Preview feature allows you to watch as the Craigslist Flagging Software, or the Anti Flagging Software does its job. The timer will adjust the time between the previews so you can just sit and watch the full size ads open and move to the next.
  • Craigslist Account Manager allows you to save as many sets of credentials as you have, and easily grab them from the dropdown menu so you never lose your Craigslist Accounts again.
  • Clears all of Craigslist Cookies each time you visit the login page automatically so you don’t get softblocked.
  • Craigslist Theme allows you to set the tones, colors and background of Craigslist to anything you like.
  • Craigslist Live Ads is a Craigslist Page refresh utility that silently reloads the search page you are on so the new ads automatically pop up to the top of the listings.

How our Craigslist Software works

Our Craigslist flagging software modifies your browser. The CraigsFlagger Pro controls are embedded right into the Craigslist search page for easy access. When you search your target keyword, all the ads come up. A button on the left omits the ads not to be touched (your ads, and friendly competitors). Click the flag button next to that, and the software opens the window. It clicks the ad, closes the window, ejects the used cookies, and requests new ones. This all happens invisibly, in one second! Your browser barely has time to flicker. Its reloaded and ready for another strike. If you would like to display this window so you can see it working as it flags each ad, there is an option for that too.

But perhaps there are still 70 other ads you might want to perform this procedure on. The panel of buttons at the top of the page beside the search have 4 functions. The “Flag all” feature goes down the list and flags each ad that is not hidden. Then the cookies are ejected, and replaced with new ones. One click, 70 ads, in 90 seconds. “Flag 4 X” goes down the list & flags each ad not omitted. Then it ejects the used cookies, reloads the page and does it again 4 times. “Flag auto flagging software - flagged for removalForever” performs this sequence continuously. We use Flag Forever to scan for new ads and flag them as they come up.

Additional Features

The reload button stops any of the automated loop cycles in their tracks. Then it ejects the used cookies and reloads the page with fresh cookies. The ads you have already hidden, stay hidden unless you unhide them. You are then ready to go all over again. We have a widget area stuffed with even more features in there. We also added 2 timers.

One is for how long to wait for a post to load before marking it as an error and moving to the next. The other timer is to set the flagging interval between ads.  WIth our Craigslist flagging software you can choose which flag you would like, Prohibited, or Reinforce. You can choose to flag with the Reinforce feature to defend your own posts by increasing the views to flags ratio.

Our contribution to Craigslist

CraigsFlagger Pro has both flagging engines built into your console with the members section just under the members button. This is like having master dashboard as a CL admin. And why wouldn’t it be, a CL admin designed it. Our team is responsible for no less than half a dozen improvements to craigslist itself!

  • the omit feature
  • the favorites feature
  • the post and account link on every page
  • many other unseen improvements in their flagging algorithms

The best part about this software, is you can put it on as many tabs as you like, and have your browser flagging a thousand ads automatically over and over again. Actually, probably the best part about our software is that all Windows 7,8,10 versions are all supported. You don’t need Linux or to be some kind of hacker to use this powerful tool.

You can monitor your IP on the button from the console in the search page, your current IP will be displayed right beside the account button as a reminder to not mix up your accounts accidentally and get softblocked. (the CraigsAccounts feature clears the cookies automatically each time you visit the accounts page. You never forget to do this).

Mind your Fingerprints

You can click the IP button to do an instant trace of the IP, proxy, or subnet you are on. It will give you location on a map, host, browser, referrer, and it will test your proxy for anonymity! If you want to know just what craigslist can find out about you by your IP address alone, you can visit this site,

They use the exact same database as craigslist does, and its updated hourly. (bookmark it) Do any search from the Craigslist home page. Our Craigslist flagging software will automatically overlay and modify the Craigslist site. In our YouTube video you can see all the options you always wish you had. Our Craigslist software puts you in charge of your Craigslist experience. Not the flagger gangs.

craigslist ghostingIf your an advanced user, and you have been looking for a revolving Windows proxy manager for Firefox, we have that as well with some super special automated proxy switching options not found anywhere else, it’s called FoxyRevolver.

Canada is different than USA, Ohio is different than California. Each area, each section, each account and each ad has their own flagging thresholds, and ghosting protocol. But nobody tells you that in the public forums. The only people in the public forums are people who are desperate for answers.

Traditionally, the people with real & useful Craigslist secrets keep them. They are quietly used to extract millions of dollars from Craigslist every single day. However, we are no longer in the business of making money directly from Craigslist. (We now invest our money and time in creating this software and adding to our Craigslist Ghostbusters Course.)

Our CraigsPoster Pro software price is also a much better deal than any other Craigslist flagging software on the market. This is mainly because its the only one that actually works.

Staying relevant

The flaggers and the spammers have gotten out of control. Craigslist spam is the number one reason the site gets less visitors now than it used to. The admins have destroyed their own website by refusing to get rid of the flagging system and/or make it fair for everyone. So we have stolen the flagging fire from the Craigslist Gods, and delivered it to you.

Aren’t you so sick of having to post 50, to 200 ads a day just to stay competitive these days? What a colossal waste of time you could be out making the money and providing the services your advertising for. Our members area is going to put you back in the race, and save you tons of time and headache.

How much is CraigsFlagger Pro?

We sell the software and the Members Tutorials as a bundle for just $59.99! Our Members section is built into a button on your flagger panel for quick reference. Tips, and tons more free software is in our Ghostbusters Members area. If your also having a problem with your ads being flagged, you can Reinforce your ads with CraigsFlagger Pro. Our software also comes with an adjustable CraigsTheme as well. CraigsTheme allows you to change any of the elements to any color you want, and add your own background. You can use softer tones to save your eyes.

Ghostbusters Members area

Some of the free Craigslist software available in our Ghostbusters Members area includes a mass emailer program so you can send as many emails as you like once you learn to use it. A screen recorder for making YouTube tutorials, recording your webcam or making ads etc. There is a computer protector that allows you to lock your computer after you set the flagger to work. You can still allow other users or children to surf the net on a different browser, or play their games with no chance they will be able to disturb your Firefox while it’s working in the background flagging and scanning for new ads and eliminating Craigslist spam as it surfaces.

There is also a free mac address changer for those in the need of such a tool. We have also developed a collection of scripts as well for the more motivated do it yourselfers, including a free webproxy script for turning your server into a webproxy so you can post on other sites like Kijji. As well, there is also an IP blocking script we give you for free that can “blind” persistent attackers to your ads, and a tutorial how to implement this system on your own server. Once you track an IP attacking your ads, you can then block them from seeing your ads in less than one minute permanently. (**tracking and blocking only works only in sections allowing image ads)

So, how do you blind your competition? So when they searched for your business name, or your number, they would not ever see it? What if they would find something entirely different and misleading instead, and pass your ad over believing it was not you? What if they were looking right at it, but still couldn’t see your ad? That would certainly get a lot of them off your back and out of your business. This is just one of the tricks that we teach you in our tutorials and it also works in Backpage as well. Our Members Tutorials have over a decade of combined experience posting, ghosting, and flagging, and 30 other Important tutorials.

Knowledge is Power

Instruction is included about creating your own proxies, borrowing other people’s or simply how to detect open networks on your daily routine, at a stop light, and pop open WiFi networks with your iPhone. Depending on your level of stubbornness or aggression, there is a tailor-made solution for your Craigslist troubles and an explanation of how flagging works, and our Ghostbusters Members Tutorials explain fully the ins and outs of Craigslist ghosting, why you are ghosted, and exactly how to avoid it every time.

We also have a great step by step tutorial of how to make unlimited Craigslist phone verified accounts, or Craigslist PVA’s as they are known.

Our tutorials show you how to covertly tap and record your competitors telephone conversations without them ever finding out. We are also going to show you a simple method to shut their phones off, kill their batteries, and shut down their answering service if necessary. Our tutorials cover a wide range of over 30 different topics and comprise a very well done online course in how to write a better ad, make them stick, different innovative uses for software, writing your own custom software applications, using software that uses software to multiply your effectiveness and extend your range and computer education beyond the boundaries of mere mortals.

The Technical Knockout

Monitor your current IP on the button at the top beside the account button as a reminder to not mix up your accounts accidentally and become softblocked. You can click the button to do an instant trace of the IP, proxy, or subnet you are on with our online suite of free IP tools. It will give you location on a map, host, browser, referrer, and it will test your proxy for anonymity!

Despite our low price, you will find some of the most valuable Craigslist flagging software tools on the market, and the best most accurate up to date Craigslist course on all of the entire net. We have just the one time fee, and our full featured Ghostbusters Membership along with free software updates for six months after your purchase. Our tutorial shows you how to erase an entire Craigslist section. An entire city in fact.

How effective is CraigsFlagger Pro?

During testing we have done cleared entire sections, repeatedly! (read more) Let your conscience be your guide. We do not endorse breaking any laws, spamming, or causing anyone any grief. We are simply giving you every theoretical option in Craigslist you always wished you had and leveling the playing field for those who want to learn how. Please read our fair use policy for a better more formal idea of our goals here.

Our Ghostbusters Members enjoy a variety of methods to succeed with Craigslist in our 30 + part online business course as well as free scripts and free software!

craigsflagger ghostbusters members areaWe update our software for free for 6 months as Craigslist changes and as we develop new features, or perfect existing ones. We provide support by way of our members tutorials in our extensive Ghostbusters members section, as well as a collection of more than a dozen (and counting) video tutorials.

As Craigslist’s website adapts and changes, we continuously adapt our software in order to provide automated browser solutions and automated Craigslist Software to help automate the tasks associated with earning a living on Craigslist.

Can Craigslist patch this automated flagging method? Nope. They can’t stop your browser from accessing their site, opening an ad and flagging it. That’s exactly what our software does, automatically though. There are a number of “desktop applications” claiming to flag ads, don’t be fooled – they don’t work. Their referrer is not from within the Craigslist page itself like our software is, so Craigslist simply dismisses flags from such desktop applications. Such desktop applications are not made to fool Craigslist, they are made to fool you. Our software is Made in America, for American entrepreneurs.

Bundle your savings!

We have a bundle of our most popular Craigslist Flagging Software called the Trinity Bundle. It includes CraigsPoster Pro, CraigsFlagger Pro, and FoxyRevolver is free.

Visit our App Store for a look at some of CraigsFlagger Pro’s included features. All of our companion Feature Apps for CraigsFlagger Pro¬†& CraigsPoster¬†Pro¬†automated software are now included Free¬†with either suite! That’s an additional $60 dollar savings.

So, what will it be? We have told you some things, shown you that Craigslist isn’t exactly how you had it pictured in your mind’s eye, is it? What are you going to do about it?¬† Take the blue pill, go back to Craigslist, wake up tomorrow morning and believe whatever you want. You can even grab some free plugins and advice here and dabble around until you find yourself back here.
Or you can take the red pill and buy our software and tutorials and see just how far down the rabbit hole goes. Together we will punch a hole in how they manipulate our communities and play God, deciding who thrives and who starves. We take your support, and apply it to continuously developing our software with even more features, apps and support your effort to make a living in these tough times.
blue pill
red pill

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⚡ Requirements: 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.